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Best wedding themes 2019

The wedding is a very special day in everybody’s life. It is very important to make it to your wishes. And with the wide options out there, you always want to try this theme or the other. And we have come with some of the trending wedding themes of 2019. They are:

The Woody Theme
The world is all rage about going green and what better way to contribute other than having a green wedding. There will be full grown themes providing a forest feel. The invitations and napkins and the dress are all made of eco-friendly, all organic materials. Thus you can give something to the earth on your special day.

The Fairyland wedding Theme
Who doesn’t want a fairy-tale for the wedding!! Every single woman wants to be treated like a princess and you can have that too. The glass shoes, the huge ball, the fairy gown, the prince tux, the best decorations, you deserve it all. You can step into a new life with flair.

The Artsy wedding Theme
Some people do want a lot of art around them. Walls with paintings, artsy invitations, painted wedding gown, crafted flowers, you just can’t have enough art around you. Overall, it gives a vintage and exotic look to the wedding.

The floral Wedding Theme
Flowers are a Wedding’s best presence. Real flowers hanging everywhere, on the wall, on the dining table, on the carpet, on your special dress, in your hands. Spreading scents, being a delight for the eyes. The floral weddings are the affordable kind that provides the best surrounding.

These are some of the best wedding themes out there. And in order to incorporate your dream wedding theme, you need the best wedding planner in Chennai. And we are proud to assist you in making your dream come true. We arrange everything from Invitations, food, Dress, flower arrangements. So give us your theme and you will have your dream wedding

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